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I am a creative webworker & entrepreneur with focus on Interaction Design & front-end development

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I like interfaces

I am fascinated by how people react on websites. I like to think out how your product is easier to use, so I create wireframes & flow-charts.

I make them work

I code clean HTML/CSS/JS and understand PHP to make it work. I follow latest conventions and techniques. Whether creating prototypes or production front-ends.

I choose 'the user'

Design decisions must be made in favor of the user, not your personal taste (sorry). I believe that interacting with your customer about your product will make it better.

It's about money

Your website is not about looking pretty, but about making you money. Although i'm a real front-ender, i'm not blinded by the beauty of things.

I am a nice guy

At least, some people say that. And it might be good to know.

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Contact me

Wouter Tinbergen
+31 (0)6 24 77 92 95   -   info@inspidee.nl

I worked with

You've got a great product

And you're proud of it. Good, because if you're not, why should I be working with you? I'm looking for projects with people that inspire me.

You want to improve

You want to make things better and you're open for change. Changes can be tough, but with front-end changes I can help you.

You know to focus on the user

You're convinced that user-experience of your product is key to improvement. Good! saves me a lot of time convincing you and gets me to focus quickly.

You need extra power

So you've got a great product that needs improvement on user-experience but... no-one to do it?
I'd love to work with you!

You're still here? Great!

We should meet, talk and ... work.
+31 (0)6 24 77 92 95 info@inspidee.nl
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Some clients

I've worked for many clients on front-end coding (HTML/CSS/JS), integration (Wordpress & Magento) & front-end related consultancy.
Listed are latest or great projects.


View website

This starting webshop is build upon a Magento Multisite so that with the same products we can address different type of customers.

Skill used in this project:
Magento Wordpress UX consultancy Design Front-end Code


View website

For this mayor Dutch webshop I have been a Business Analist for the UX-team. Supplying the scrumteam with input for all UX related decisions. No coding, just aligning information and business requirements. Working close with the IA-designers on iteration of proposals.

Skills used in this project:
UX consultancy


View website

This website is a custom Wordpress installation with loads of custom shortcodes to create a highly flexible website that is easy to maintain.

Skills used in this project:
Wordpress UX consultancy Front-end Code



This is the technical skills and tools list. A bit boring, but maybe it convinces you.

  • Git version control
  • PHP (read and simple write)
  • SQL
  • Adobe CS suite
  • Axure, Coda, CodeKit
  • ImageOptim, JSlint, Firebug etc
  • Oops: almost forgot the hip words: Mobile, Responsive, Node, Meteor ...

From my blog

feb 19 2015New job --> New challenges
sep 12 2013Ultimate homepage layout
sep 4 2013Sass Codeshool videos
mrt 18 2013Bourbon - MIXINS for SASS
feb 26 2013Review - Paydro online registratie

Current personal project

Makey.nl de webshop voor de MaKey Makey!MaKey Makey! shop in NL

I started a webshop for the MaKey Makey!, the 21th century invention kit you want too.